1. yaahyak

    Is it possible for two straight men to have a very close friendship without it being sexualized? Bucky and Captain are straight as I have not seen anything gay in their relationship. Its a very strong platonic love. This fear of two men being "so close it must be gay", seems to be mainly an American neurosis.

  2. MMTC

    As a gay man myself even I feel cautious about putting the gay romance into the film. At this current time in particular there are so many complex issues in 'social justice' (I hated typing those two words) that I don't feel it would be a good time to put something as delicate as LGBT+ rights into a mainstream family movie. Although as you said Harry Potter fans have grown up but these grown up ones might be taking their children to view the movie and the movie may make them have to have a discussion of such a huge topic, that by some people on tumblr…isn't even being taken seriously at this moment in time. But who knows perhaps we'll all be surprised and everyone will love it, it's a sure box office win and Harry Potter fans alone are surely in their thousands possibly millions…but of course only time can tell.

  3. Miles

    "and I think there are a number of parents, understandably, who don't want to have discussions about any type of sexuality or sexual experiences with their childreen"

    Wow, pandering to homophobes much, Grace?
    The Harry Potter films had teenagers making out hot and heavy and later marrying and having kids. But god forbid there is one gay couple in there that is so much as holding hands. Suddenly parents can't be expected to talk to their kids about relationships. Disgusting double standard.

  4. Richard Abeysinghe

    Dumbledore and his "epic gay romance" doesn't sell a movie. Dumbledore sells movies. He's arguably THE greatest wizard of modern times in the Harry Potter universe who doesn't need a wand to duel or escape the highest security wizard prison. Sure his relationship with Grindewald is a bonus but Dumbledore ROCKS! Also lets not gay relationships as tragic & doomed. Both straight & gay relationships have a similar success rate.

  5. Melina Martin

    In the books, Grindelwald actually refused to tell Voldemort where the Elder Wand was. Apparently, in his last years, he had expressed remorse over his evil deeds, and perhaps lying to Voldy was a way for him to make up for his crimes. Harry even had the hypothesis that perhaps Grindelwald didn't want anyone defiling Dumbledore's tomb. So no, no bitchy ex in the books.

  6. Othelie Moor

    In a universe where love is the greatest power for good, the one bad love is the only gay one. In my opinion Rowling just wanted an excuse to have Dumbledore wearing purple robes and say quirky things.

  7. Hinge Cogsbracket

    @Beyond The Trailer, What gave you the impression that lgbt relationships are depicted as "hunky-dory"? Cause my impression is the opposite. Especially in a major motion picture. Most lgbt relationships are either relegated as a sideline (precluding any complexity) or rife with tribulation and often (if not always) ending tragically. I look forward to the day when the hero gets the guy. But, I think what we're after is the same thing: we'd both like to see lgbt characters treated with the same fidelity and complexity as str8 relationships.

  8. alguemalguem

    The leaps of logic and just plain inaccuracies here are flagrant. Dumbledore and Grindelwald pretty much stopped being even friends after Dumbledore's sister died, which happened in 1899, shortly after Dumbledore graduated Hogwarts, way before this movie is set. Grindelwald fled to mainland Europe, and while he grew to be a feared Dark Wizard in Europe, he never attempted to take over the UK because that's where Dumbledore was. Dumbledore in turn took his time until 1945, and only confronted Grindelwald when he grew too powerful to ignore, because he felt guilty of ever sharing his beliefs, having helped shape Grindelwald into the Dark Wizard he became, and because he feared that Grindelwald knew for certain who cast the curse that killed his sister in the three-way duel between the two of them and Dumbledore's brother, and regardless of who it was, knowing for certain whoever was responsible terrified him: either the friend he had feelings for, his own brother, or himself. And when Voldemort finally killed Grindelwald looking for the Elder Wand, the movie changed what happened in the books. He mocked Voldemort and told him nothing about the Elder Wand, pretty much dared goaded Voldemort into killing him. There was no epic gay romance because between the three-way duel that resulted in his sister's death and the 1945 duel, Dumbledore and Grindelwald did not interact at all.

  9. Sandal_Thong

    Interesting idea, but D&G were only together one summer, and not in an adventure. When someone mentioned they'd like to see Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts, I thought he could show up at the end, saying "Well done, Mr. Scamander. Now, could you help me to find a Phoenix?" That could be an adventure.

  10. Leonardo Morsen

    I just realized, David Yates is the man who brought the darkness and roughness to Harry Potter.
    I love the idea of a Pre- Harry Potter story, that goes darker and darker

  11. Daniel Dhol

    A cording to the lore, we know how Grindelwald got the wand and how Voldemort got the wand. I would like to hear a bout Dumbledore's story and why Abeforth hates him and the whole thing about how Dumbledore accidentally killed his sister. (Fantastic beast was a book in the HP Universe so is it as accurate as The life and lies of Albus Dumbledore.) ;-|

  12. FloridaMomCrochet

    Clearly some people don't understand what mainstream means. It most likely won't do well internationally like HP but like you said the generation has grown up. As a book fan first, I'm grateful they are expanding on these characters.

  13. Stuart John Richardson

    I think you are talking more would an American audience maybe having a problem accepting a mainstream gay character in such a movie.. in the UK every major soap opera has characters that are leads, in every episode having great storylines and getting all the yearly awards and plaudits. I've had my eyes open to almost half the voting population in the USA supporting Trump which sadly has actually made wonder if America possibly would have a problem with it. But i think its important to push against that.

  14. Jay Pee

    And Dumbledore himself isn't actually in the movie at all…he's just mentioned during an interrogation between Newt and Graves. Yates comment was extremely vague and ultimately misconstrued, but he's not in this particular movie.

  15. Remi Oniil

    "LGBT romance had no problems in recent media"!? Sereosly, are you kidding!? Have you ever heard about Bury Your Gays Trope? Where gay characters are usually killed off, often as a punishment for their sexuality. And by the way, we got to see problematic and not so much hetero romance in each movie that is out there because, there is almost no such thing as the LGBT romance in mainstream media anyway. And even when it is out there, queer characters are the ones that almost never get their happy endings (Korrasami is one of the rare examples).

  16. Barbie Minaj

    And that's my problem with straight people. Why is it that gay couples have such a stigma placed on them, like it's so sexual and raunchy for two men to fall in love? If this story was about a man and a woman, no parent would have a problem with their kids seeing it. Gay love isn't any more sexual than straight love.

  17. Teresa Thevercad

    No Grace!!!!! In his prison, when tortured by Voldemort, Grindelwald lied about the whereabouts of the Elder Wand. So maybe he had feels for Dumbledore… What I really liked about their story is that they were equals in most ways except that Grindelwald's beliefs and what happened with Arianna forces Dumbledore to withdraw from the relationship. It's something we can all relate to; sometimes the person we're dating has a moral code that we cannot accept. It's the strong ones that walk away…

  18. lavernkid

    Grace, I hope you know how much I love your videos and have been watching for many years now. That said, I was a bit frustrated with your language on the inclusion of gay characters on screen as being for mature audiences only. Perhaps you meant to discuss LBGT characters on film would, from a financial and objective stand, would hurt the film with audiences that may be ignorantly offended by it, but that was not the language you used. I know you don't mean harm, you're a wonderful person, but remember, to LGBT viewers like myself, it comes across that our sexual orientation is explicit and inappropriate. We see in nearly all mediums of entertainment and in nearly all films (meant for children or adult) have opposite-sex romances (name a single Disney film that doesn't have a single one, primary or secondary). I wish I could be more fairly represented examples in film, despite what some outraged evangelical group might have, but I suppose I could say the same about representation of people of color and even women. Stepping off my soap-box now.

  19. Crescendyr

    LOL. Dumbledore NEVER fell in love with Grindelwald. Not romantically anyway. That's just queer baiting nonsense that she made up after the fact once all the books and movies were done and there could be no financial repercussions. Such an activist she turned out to be. Even if they put them in movies I guarantee there would be no romance or innuendo whatsoever. It'll be just like the actual printed books; Completely 100% platonic.

  20. Kiki564

    Speaking of media that might have helped bring this Dumbledore romance to the big screen, along with Legend of Korra and the whole Bucky/Cap thing, theres also NBC's Hannibal. The whole series was written as a romance between Hannibal and Will Graham, with things finally coming to fruition in the series finale.

  21. Purple Poet11

    Man… I am afraid my family would feel to uncomfortable for the series being ABOUT a romance. When I heard it being a series, I trusted them because J.K. Rowling is in charge of the screenplay. Now I'm not so sure.

  22. Mark Streeter

    blimey…..you really do go on and on about the Cap and Bucky relationship being 'gay' – just don't see that myself…… they are lifelong friends……..totally different……!!!

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