Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Final Trailer Reaction

I greatly think this video… wonderful!!!!!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Final Trailer Reaction today! Beyond The Trailer’s review & reaction to the 2016 final trailer! …


  1. BlackWidow_

    I mean..I grew up with harry potter! if I had to choose between the two I would obviously choose fantastic beasts. Always choose J.K.Rowling. I was in tears during the whole trailer, dammit childhood feelings! I will however watch doctor strange also, no going to the movies in october for me!

  2. Wolf Rine

    @Grace The genre you were thinking of is Noir btw.

    Also I'm going to see Fantastic Beasts not day 1 mind you be waaay too crowded hate crowds.. But like maybe a week or two after so I can watch it but maybe not that many people..

  3. RaymBWW

    As a loyal movie viewer I will see as many movies that I find interesting as possible in the coming months from now to December Grace, and i hope to see them more than twice.

  4. Tai Bulimaibau

    As a fan of Dr Strange from Marvel comics I'd rather go see this than the Dr. Strange movie. After seeing what can be done in Warcraft in terms of visual effects, I had high hopes for Strange instead I got Inception Lite

  5. Kristi Bledsoe

    I'm so excited, mainly because first, I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, and also I feel like I can identify with Newt's introverted, Huffelpuff personality, something I feel is not very common in popular franchises, other than maybe, Captain America.

  6. Gemma H

    My feelings are fantastic beasts is going to do big box office numbers, probably even more than moana as it has a very, very wide ranging fan range appeal. Although dr strange has comic fans and benidict cumberbatch fans, its not going to be captain america civil war returns. Regardless, these are two films i am going to see.

  7. Laurent de backer

    Not too difficult for me. Been a Harry Potter fan from the beginning. And when i heard Grindelwald's name, i thought okay, this might even be interesting, to see more of that world. I want more of that world, and i don't think i am the only one. If all hp fans will go and see that movie, then i think dr. Strange will be destroyed at the box office.

    Nonetheless, i've been into marvel/dc comics more and more the last two years, and since everything is starting to collide or criss cross, or how do you say it, i got more interested in those type of movies.

    Suicide Squad, Batman vs Superman, The new Avengers and the new X-men. Not to mention we also got a separated Deadpool, which i though was sooooo cool and funny 😀 I think Dr. Strange will do fine, but not better then Fantastic Beasts… But that just my thinking.

    So if i had to choose between those, it's Fantastic beasts. But anyway, i think i will see both and probably a couple others that month. November 11 is my B-day, so, with a little chance… :-P

  8. House of Kern

    This trailer makes it look like Fantastic Beasts will have everything that was missing from the Harry Potter films; real interaction between wizards and the muggle world! I'm thrilled to see this movie. A note about which one to choose though, I have no idea! I personally almost never go to the movies, maybe only twice a year. I have two small children, only one of which is of age to enjoy movies, so I'm unable to go out much, and our budget is also very tight. I think my daughter may like Fantastic Beasts, but I already wanted to take her to see Moana. I won't miss Fantastic Beasts, while my partner won't miss Doctor Strange. We'll probably end up going to them individually, and maybe making Moana the family outing. I didn't realize so many of the movies we had on our must-see list were all in the same month! Not to mention having to find time to see Star Wars in December. I certainly wish I had the money and time to see all of them, as I do love going to see a movie on the big screen.

  9. Tebigong101

    I'm not going to see either movie, but if I were it would be Fantastic Beasts. Even though it's sin that once again not including people of color in Harry Potter film, especially in New York at the height of the Harlem Renaissance. Where better for a wizard to hide than among the black notables of that era also in hiding for similar reasons. A smaller over oversight compared Dr. Strange outright whitewashing an Asian character, already about a might white character who leeches on Asian culture.

  10. Daniel J. A. Opolot

    Wouldn't both these films feed off of each other? I'm 100% sure that they will be at least good movies, and 60% that they'll be great. If someone goes to see one of them , wouldn't they be like, "that was great, i'm gonna see this other movie that's all magical and fantastical." Sure there can only be one winner, but I think they'll both do great at the box office.

  11. Chewy Goomy

    Fantastic Beasts would be my number 1. I don't have the cash to watch Dr. Strange, and besides I'll just wait until the Blu-Ray release. Won't do Moana simply because the new Pkmn Sun and Moon games come out the same day as Fantastic Beasts and I'll be locked up in my room for probably 2 weeks playing them lol. Only reason why I'd see Fantastic Beasts is because of the night before.

  12. Craig Bailey

    After the great writing of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child I can't wait to see Fantastic Beasts. It just goes to show that J. K. Rowling's wizarding world is not over yet.

  13. kasanza

    Um… looks a lot better than Doctor Strange… but still too Harry Potter for my dollars. I'd bet this one gets better critical treatment than the other, for what it's worth.

  14. BioNichole1

    Grace my dear, FBAWTFT is my top November priority, followed so closely by Moana it's a near tie. Doctor Strange is more of an 'if I have time' type deal. ;3 I am looking forward to this the most for a lot of the same reasons as you, and because Newt's story reminds me of the story of one my own characters, actually. So I want to see, basically, how much my character and Newt would get along. ;3

  15. PrinceMichixxx

    I love Doctor Strange (as well as Benedict Cumberbatch) so much but from what we've seen so far, I can only hope it does not flop for the fans. If I had to drop one, I believe I can watch for Moana on redbox.

  16. Kami84

    I'm going to see Fantastic Beast and Dr. Strange, because that's how I role. The animated movie Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme made me fall in love with the character so seeing the movie is mandatory. Moana's a maybe if I have to baby sit my little niece. Colin Farrell isn't a bad actor, but he isn't a great one either. I don't find myself getting lost in his performance and forgetting who he is the way a great actor can.

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