Eban’s Command: Scifi Alien Abduction Romance (Science Fiction Alien Romance) (Survival Wars) (Volume 2)

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Ever since she was a little girl raised by a hippy mother, Saffron has had a love of plants and nature. Because of that upbringing, she became an agricultural scientist and has created a serum that can make plants grow several times their natural rate. Eban is the captain of the Icari, a species of humanoid, low-gravity dwelling aliens. Their planet was doomed years ago and the survivors have wandered the stars ever since, in search of assistance. When they happen upon earth and hear broadcasts of a brilliant woman who just might be able to help, Eban knows that he has to descend and ask her to come with them. Life moves in circles, Saffron knows. The time has come for her to move on, and so she accepts Eban’s offer. But, will she really be able to assist such a laidback group of aliens? And what will happen when disaster strikes?