KONG SKULL ISLAND : Full Official Trailer (2017) Monster Movie HD

I greatly commend this video… thumbs up…xoxo

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  1. Clementine Marsh

    I don't get why people are so hyped for this.
    The trailer gives me the impression that it's another cliche ''Men vs beast'' movie.
    King Kong was a great movie with an amazing storyline. sorry but this trailer just doesn't give me ''the vibe'' I seek in a film with so much potential.
    Such a shame.

    However, I could be completely wrong and the trailer is just misleading af. I hope so. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

  2. elbowbiter1

    "This movie is racist because it is not diverse enough. All involved should be publicly shamed, their careers destroyed, and the film boycotted. The cast should contain only one white male and one other non-white male… because I am a racist sexist piece of shit that's part of a loose ideological association that's the recipient of billions of dollars of government money, has lobby groups, and is firmly entrenched in academia."

    -A Feminist/Social Justice Warrior.

    Racism is racism, sexism is sexism, feminist/sjws are no better than the KKK. :D

  3. inanimateclock2

    King Kong died because a docuhe bag name Jack Black using him as entertainment. So there are multiple King Kong's? #notmykingkong

    But for real though, this actually looks pretty awesome. When you have a movie with Samuel Motherfucking Jackson, it's gotta be good.

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