The Expanding Universe: An Exploration of the Science Fiction Genre (SCIFI Anthology) (Volume 1)

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Lives submerged in cosmic war… civilizations standing on the brink of destruction… Technologies that far surpass our own and ethereal beings of untold power… Immerse yourself in The Expanding Universe. Worlds collide as eighteen talented authors contribute their best short fiction to expand and explore the Sci-fi genre. Travel dystopian worlds and discover the possibilities that lie within the unknown. Experience the touch of metaphysical occurrences and enjoy the rush that comes from love deep enough to rattle the stars. With contributions ranging from best-selling authors to debut works you will fall in love with this exciting new anthology The Expanding Universe! Featuring a Foreword by Michael Anderle Featured Authors: H.J. Lawson Craig Martelle Paul C. Middleton TJ Ryan Taki Drake RJ Crayton E.R. Starling Justin Sloan Jim Johnson J.L. Hendricks James Aaron Bradford Bates E.E. Isherwood Felix R. Savage Andrew Dobell Andrew Broderick James Osiris Baldiwn Spencer Pierson