1. Tyras 101

    Looks like You Guys had a good Time producing this Video.
    Allways nice to see a man (or two) who loves his Job.
    For that You get a Thump up! You deserve it!
    You`re welcome :)

  2. B L S

    You Forgot Resident Evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bob Thenob

    3:19 ????
    did they put on a blindfold and throw darts a at a board with random celebrity names on it in fact VERY fucking random I mean David Beckham? seriously?

  4. Defyeler

    I saw the Great Wall.. freakin movie sucks. I'm Chinese, so I watched the original undubbed version (Chinese actors speak Chinese, the American actors speak English). Which that in itself was kinda fucked up because I'm supposed to believe that when the Chinese actors do speak to Damon and Defoe suddenly they command superb English skills…. sure they were taught, but you don't speak the way they do simply because "A prisoner taught you". The production values are still meh.. the Chinese are learning, and ever improving in their productions, but they still lack that "umph" in key sequences, or when transitioning between story arc/acts. A waste of talent in Andy Lau (you'd know who he was if you followed Chinese cinema and music, he's more famous in Asia, especially Hong Kong than Donnie Yen).

  5. Sohail Mansorry

    Ladies and children, here we have two manchildren, who are wearing kid clothing, and have kid toys, and laugh about the goofiest of things, and behave like children. Okay now, these people talk about a movie and say that if it is not violent, then it is not good, and it is a movie for kids. Ah, the irony!

  6. Zeke Glenn

    when I was about 8 years old me and my older brothers thought King conan movie would be great! please don't let ppl like us down !Arnie is an action legend !

  7. Simon Wood

    Eric Bana has a lot of acting skills. He first got fame in comedy on TV in Australia, and then branched out into playing a psychotic career criminal (Chopper Reed), and has also played people with a U.S. accent (e.g. in The Time Traveller's Wife), and played Hector in the epic period film, Troy. He's shown himself able do various accents, and to be cute and funny, or menacing, or heroic, or simply serious….

  8. Chris Clancy

    The new mummy film isn't a remake, it's a whole different entity which is the first film in the line of the shared monsters universe… that's if it doesn't bomb. I recommend you get your facts right before you open your traps!

  9. CipherBytes

    Seen these two already. Don't get too excited.

    The Wall: 7/10 Lots of CGI and action but not much substance.
    Underworld: 6/10 This Underworld is underwhelming.

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