1. Rock HΓ©roul

    Remake Alert. The one with Kevin Bacon was good enough, why another remake ? Hire some new authors Hollywood, we need some new shit, playing the same cassette over and over again ? WTF .

  2. mirrorsedgy

    only we can make the change that can change the dreary hollywood garbage coming out these days, boycot more movies and don't see them, the less money coming in at the box office, the less likely they'll do something similair again, let's all make the change we need and make cinema great again.

  3. mirrorsedgy

    lol, gangster paradise has been raped into something shitty, i for one would like to see hollywood burn to the ground, nothing creative or exceptionally different is being made these days apart from a random few every 10-15 years.

  4. robert burgess

    Blade Runner. Dark Tower looks good if you haven't read the books. He does, after all, get reincarnated for eternity, so the next one could be a woman.

  5. I Am Presence

    Blade Runner should be good. Incidentally, it's exciting to see Gosling making it big now, he's been a long time getting up there. I'm happy for him.

  6. Nenad Stojkovic

    A film that is unique and unrepeatable as the whole story and a team of actors from this movie … For a Few Dollars More! I ask myself, why did the creators of Dark Tower stole that music!?

  7. Jesse Crandle

    I don't read novels, but I've been told more than once that the Dark Tower was really good… so I'm a little hyped about that. Since I haven't read the books I won't be able to say "the book was better" but from what I understand the source material is great, so I hope this movie lives up to the book's hype. Also… I'm ready for a sort of noir Sci Fi. That combined with the new Blade Runner… I'm glad there's some decent sci fi movies coming up.

  8. Scott Sherwood

    finally flatliners gets the special effects it deserves. the original was great…just a little before it's time. valerian with the voice over by cate blanchett sounds too much like LOTR. still, looks good, if not a little too video gamey…avoiding murder on the orient express. branagh just makes poirot look like a clown. and planet of the apes. really? another one??

  9. Tomas Corvidea

    Blade Runner 2049, and the music for the trailer sounds like Type O Negative. Valerian and the city of a Thousand planet used Gangsters paradise?

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