1. RadioFade

    Don't suppose you want any coverage from Australia? Me and a group of friends of mine who worked on a Star Wars fanfilm recently would love to get in on this somehow.

  2. Kyle Durkee

    This seems very reminiscent of a game called Mage The Ascension from White Wolf games, if you guys are familiar with that. I'm really looking forward to it as I loved that game. Kind of like what would happen if the antagonists from that game won and the wizards had to go even further underground to stage their resistance.

  3. Антон Давыдов

    Got no money to donate, but if you could use a hand and a heart in moscow, got those to pledge. As core as a fan of 20 years from russia could be, i've watched everything to be found by zoe and dgp and find your work just right. ThoughAwaiting new stuff, anton.

  4. Sven Hesse

    Oooh, I really love the idea of this! 🙂

    My money is too tight this month (also, I'd need a PayPal option), so I can't pledge, but I'm really looking forward to the full release. Good luck! 🙂

  5. Michael Kennedy

    This just seems like thinly veiled Marxism. Your line "Magic is real but if you have it, you must either register or resist" basically proves this. You are either oppressor or oppressed, and if you're oppressed then you have to fight or kneel. It ought to be evident why this division of people into two completely inflexible groups is wrong but Jordan Peterson probably explains it best:

    Every individual is at some point oppressor and oppressed and more likely than not, each person is both at the same time but in different ways. This is an easily observable truth from the fact that a teacher goes from being the head of her elementary classroom to being a subordinate in a school board meeting.

    Inserting your magic into the world is just a way to obfuscate this truth unless someone makes a movie, and I hope they do, where the magic users are the oppressors. What happens when a load of edgy magically fueled revolutionaries actually get a chance to run things? I think it would look a lot like the devastation of the soviet union or something even worse, considering the possibility of mind control magic.

    It is interesting to me that you pair Marxism with Paganism, as well. Part of the reason both these ideas have been almost totally rejected by humanity is that they fall back on the tribalism that is the very thing that creates so much conflict in the world. In paganism, every culture has their own gods and these pantheons clash when these peoples are at war. In the West, we came up with a solution that was embodied in the Judeo-Christian worldview. One universal God, a god for everyone, dissolves the petty tribal boundaries that separate human beings. This includes the dissolution of the oppressor/oppressed dichotomy so that we can deal with each person as a valued individual, made in the image of God. The occult was just another way of building up class divisions. Occult just means "what is hidden." Dividing people up along their understanding of occult mysteries creates a class of magicians, while freely teaching the truth for everyone to hear further breaks down the division of human beings. This is why pagan practitioners always hoarded their magic scrolls while Christians freely preached the Gospel.

    I'm not so sure I am going to look forward to this series considering it seems to be so ideologically driven but, since this is a project where anyone can join in the conversation, maybe there will be some people who use this medium as a way of providing a counter-argument. Now that I've said that, I think I might just follow along to see if such an interesting thing happens.

  6. Bartosz Kąkol

    You are selling the world bible for 50$? I understand the concept of co-created universe, but how can you create your own story without knowing the universe. It will propably limit the quantity of storytellers setting their's story in Strowler's universe. Please do not do that. It's a great idea of co-creation but making the 50$ entry fee is a little bit not fair. I hope i am wrong. 🙂

  7. Hew Wagner

    Excited about this series, but wow thanks for the Star Wars spoiler this far out. I was hoping to go in with no foreknowledge but I guess not 😠

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