The Galapagos Incident: A Science Fiction Thriller (Sol System Renegades) (Volume 1)

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“What should you read after all the Iain M. Banks Culture novels, and Neal Stephenson’s science fiction? Felix R. Savage is a great place to start. ” — Reader Review

“This is quickly becoming my favorite science fiction series ever.” — Reader Review

As a Space Corps agent in the year 2285, Elfrida Goto doesn’t expect to be liked. Her job is to help and protect colonists in space … but they usually don’t want to be helped, and the squatters on 11073 Galapagos are no exception.

Tasked with evacuating them from their doomed asteroid, Elfrida struggles with an uncooperative telepresence robot and an angry local liaison. It doesn’t help that she’s got a crush on her boss, the aloof and intriguing Gloria dos Santos.

But when a lethal AI fleet attacks Elfrida’s home base, her mission changes in a hurry. Now, she has just one chance to save the people of 11073 Galapagos. Fighting was never in her job description … but she’ll just have to learn.Fast.

The Galapagos Incident is the first book of the Sol System Renegades series, an action-packed near-future science fiction epic that readers have praised as “blindingly inventive …” “witty, intriguing, and creepy as hell.” Fans of Sy-Fy’s The Expanse, the science fiction of Neal Stephenson, and character-centric hard sci-fi will love Felix R. Savage’s saga of our interplanetary future.

The Sol System Renegades series in chronological order:

Keep Off The Grass (short origin story)

Crapkiller (prequel novella)

The Elfrida Goto Trilogy 1. The Galapagos Incident 2. The Vesta Conspiracy 3. The Mercury Rebellion

A Very Merry Zero-Gravity Christmas (short story)

The Solarian War Trilogy 1. The Luna Deception 2. The Phobos Maneuver 3. The Mars Shock

The Callisto Gambit (the final novel in the series)