The Lucid Dreamer: Dystopian Child Prodigy SciFi (The Unmaker Series) (Volume 1)

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If you like Ender’s Game you will absolutely LOVE my books A world in ruins. A race in turmoil. Every man for himself. Our planet is dying, but humanity stubbornly refuses to give in. After years of total war following an alien invasion which humanity succeeded in pushing away — so to speak — Earth is left ravaged and destroyed. Nations have ceased to exist and small communities hang on by a thread, surviving only by cowering away in the darkness or by allowing themselves to become corrupted shadows of what they once believed in. Within these ashes of a once-great planet, a story unfolds. Dante Castello , a boy gifted with healing abilities and his mentor and ex-soldier, Callum Thorpe, travel side by side through the wastelands after leaving a burning city behind them. Their objective is ‘The University’, a mysterious place where it is said that children and youngsters like Dante can develop their abilities and provide greatness to a world that dearly needs it. Unfortunately, both travelers are beset with the threats of the new world, and they have not left old enemies behind, either, enemies who do not let go of grudges easily… The healer’s story has just begun, but there are many who seek to end it. Pain, loss and suffering stand before and behind them and both man and child are certain of one truth in this post-apocalyptic world of terrors: There is no such thing as ‘living’ anymore. There is only surviving.