1. Joyce Gibson

    i thought it was brilliant. Better than some of the crap that we get nowadays. Keep it up if that is your beginning we can look forward to more. thanx again.
    keep up the brilliant work

  2. Guli Parpieva

    the earth part was good, but Angeles war scenes weren't so
    good , they were funny little bit, to be honest, need more realistic affects need to be sorted correctly ! its just personal opinion, no hard feelings please

  3. A Griffith

    Good job! I like the story, the music is superb, the good graphics and cinematography…I think the dialogue could be improved without losing it's impact (it's just a tad cheesey). But overall, well done…it would make a great trailer for the full length movie!

  4. Mercedes Espinoza

    This is so amazing! Intriguing and out of the ordinary, you did a really really good job! You have motivated me as well! lol Keep up the good work! I look forward to your latest projects!

  5. Nataniel Tiglao

    Michael is the brother of Lucifer so whos that angel fighting Lucifer and whos that girl in Earth Michael wasnt born in Earth…if that happened then what lol Lucifer was born in Mars…thats what I think

  6. Marius Dumitru Hij

    what a fantasy 🙂 the movie is interesting, but man… all angels were created by the Lord all together and especially the strongest one, Michael! if you make a movie make reality when it is reality about the things that are real. you cannot mix and switch stories that are real with the unreal. i saw the movie Moses of riddley scott, it is interesting but why the hack dont you film how or almost the exactly how it was the reality! i want to see how the power of God opened the red sea and etc, you got the ideea. you can make fantasy movies ok with the angels and immagine different stories about angels. Michael was created exclusively by the Lord, with no other intervention. congratulations for the way you filmed that i really enjoyed!

  7. thatguy again

    Micheal inst a nephilim tho, and gods angles dont mate with humans either, thats why the 200 angles fell from heaven lol read the bible. good coor schemes and stuff tho, although u should read the bible so u get it right lol.

  8. Louis Bennett

    Interesting until you brought the wings in (Way to cheesy). Do some more research Seraphim angels were WINGED SERPENTS (That's the translation) I'm still waiting for a concept that quits trying to humanize them. Also show some real powers not standard fist fighting and sword play. That's a little old as well ^_^ Otherwise I give you points for trying to play it up. It has potential. Good Luck

  9. Shoog82

    I'm not easily impressed.
    My tastes are very select.
    Too much of a critic for my own good really.
    I will say though.. I was very impressed by this.
    With a little SFX assistance and some fine tuning on the acting, this has ALOT of potential!!!
    You achieved more in 10 minutes then many movies do with full feature length
    Well done on your creation. I wish you the best of luck with any and all projects, ESPECIALLY this one!

  10. YamiPoyo

    I was watching the end like a marvel movie waiting for more, my only comment should be the wings on the boy dont look as good as the rest of the wings they seem to not be attached.

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