Mars Chronicles: The Complete Series

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Why do we strive to explore, to travel, to go far and beyond? Is it really in our nature, as humans, to want to discover what is beyond our line of sight? Or are we searching for somewhere that was once our real home? The Mars Chronicles series brings you to a reality that may not be too far from the present. It brings you to a time when humans are no longer confined to a single planet, but rather, they have become a multi-planetary species. It brings you to a time when the red planet, Mars, has already been colonised for decades. Mars has become another home to humanity, a place where major settlements, known as PODS, have been built throughout, each serving a unique purpose. But more specifically, Mars Chronicles tells you the story of a scientist named Aldrick Idramla as he wakes up to a world he no longer remembers, his memories somehow erased after an explosion in his workplace, PODS-6. The world he lives in becomes filled with too many unfamiliar familiar things. He would have to journey through Mars within a vessel he built, called a RAPTOR, in hopes of replenishing his supplies. All the while, getting to befriend the voice of his artificial intelligence driven assistant, Neo. And someone else he meets along the way, Elarya. His journey would be bound to have an endless supply of unwanted surprises, one of them is Damon, who somehow, seems to be rather persistent in making Aldrick’s life a living hell. This is a story of survival.