1. jess jesse

    1: rapist camera- directory & scriptwriters = send to jailhous ! Called more nasty rapist like weinstein nast rapistproducer! It disgusting dude!

  2. Aragnam Krims

    Dear goodness, it's actually VERY impressive you went an extra mile to gather 5 gigantic shitty sorry excuses for a horror movie in one video. Congratz.

  3. Jamie Wilson

    Behind the sightings, really? The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity was enough of these rubbish films I can guarantee you it will be an instant flop

  4. Dookie Bob

    I walked into my bedroom this afternoon to find my ice cream sitting near the toilet while it whispered to a AA size battery all the answers are in the rabbit trap,,, luckily my cat was on patrol watching the fuzzy dice sneak past my dead aunt

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