DEATH NOTE ‘Light Meets Ryuk’ Movie Clip + Trailer (2017) Nat Wolff Fantasy Movie HD

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  1. scotto botto

    I honestly thought this film was going to be absolute trash but it turned out pretty good to me. I watched it with friends and we all got chills from certain scenes. Yeah,it sucks that most of the characters didn't stay true to the anime/manga but everyone should've realized that when they saw Light was white, L was black, and many other plots were changed. My take on it is just a creative new way to take on Death note, anyone who likes the anime or manga better has to support it, but its a cool watch, especially since an amazing actor plays Ryuk.

  2. JB Forethoughts

    Based on their behaviors i think it would have been better if L and Light's actors switched roles as neither of them seem to fit their assigned role. I mean I dont like the light actor much is much more meek which was what L was like.

  3. JCDenton 2012

    This Light lacks "confidence." He's to nervous in all of the scenes shown in this trailer. I remember Light from the anime being rock solid right up until the end when they had him cornered.

  4. Daaahhhggg

    It's an adaptation… People need to relax.. I don't want top see an exact replay of the entire anime series.. They are applying slight twist to the concept, with the same basic parameters in place.. I think it will be great and I am very interested to see it, people overplay nostalgia too much

  5. Benito Darius

    so…. Light Yagami is a dumass teenage white guy, and L is a black tough talking guy ( typical Hollywood BS, i am not racist at all but this kinda shit pisses me off) and i am screaming fuuuk you Hollywood for ruining one of the best animes of all time. unfortunately i am going to watch this and then be pissed off because i am a huge fan of the original anime/manga. but go watch the original anime you wont be disappointed.

  6. Frank Toldt

    Looks like it could be good except one thing I'm picking up from this trailer… Light seems too sympathetic and "relatable". Light's character was so great because he was cold, calculated, self-righteous and a bit on the sociopathic side, a true sociopath towards the end. He was more of an anti-hero, but this trailer is making him out to be regretful of his decisions. Will have to wait and see I guess.

  7. diegui fdezt

    They just dont get the characters. Light needs no convincing from Ryuk to use the note, he is more than willing and isn't freaked out by how weird Ryuk looks, he is a cold psychopath lawful evil while Ryuk is a chaotic neutral who doesnt give a shit and wouldnt bother to convince him.

  8. Legacy Slayer

    Pros of the film : Willem Dafoe,maybe interesting for 20 whole minutes
    Cons of the film : Light and L are suddenly emo and their iQ plummeted down the drain,Light trusts people…
    Conclusion : I'll maybe watch a pirated version if I can stomach this horse shit main character.

  9. John Smith

    Netflix looking like they're producing some original content, whether it's any good or not is another question. Trailer looks interesting though.

  10. Кристина Аникина

    чтоооооо???? Он ДАЛ ему тетрадь!!!???? Рюк ее просто рандомно подбросил, смысл был в том , что Лайт не был никаким избранным, он просто первый нашел ее, это важно для сюжета. Но тут все выглядит так будто он избран. Бред пока что

  11. Novus Wolf

    OK, Ryuk looks and sounds fantastic, I'll give you this. BUT, they are destroying my all time favourite characters (Light and L), so much in this shit, that I just simply can't accept that.

  12. Retro radio

    Honnestly … I'm on board now. This ll be a fun movie to watch with a group of friends. That's all it needs to be. If you want the full experience, just watch the source material.

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