1. Zylo Thecat

    absolutely a terrible movie. i watched it for one reason. actors and actresses.
    jet li
    huang xiao ming
    fan bing bing
    angela baby

    i don't know the rest, but those actors were enough to make me watch. but then again, fan bing bing is in almost every chinese movie now.

    i don't even know what was happening most of the time. in my mind i was thinking where the fuck is monkey king? riiigh…monkey king probably has enough power to destroy all of them, so wouldn't be fun…so…they had to get rid of him…

  2. Thang Vuong

    Just finished watching the movie,the film makers had a huge opportunity to make a spectacular movie with this legend to rival Lord of the Rings, but what they gave us looks like a low budget, badly costumed, badly CGI'd movie. Very disappointed at this LAZY "attempt"

  3. dovahbob

    When I was a kid, I made a vow to watch every Jet Li movie that will ever come out. I think this will be the first time I break that vow….

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