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  1. Catt Berlin-George

    Downsizing looks super stupid. Screenwriters are really idea deficient. They either rip off prior movies or do the 10th installment of a Marvel franchise film. What happened to true creativity. Oh, Wait, I know…can't guarantee a million dollar box office. Or whatever.

  2. lazycalm41

    Impossible to watch this ! its like watching American TV, an effin commercial every 5 seconds! jeees! As for what i did see…CGI, CGI, CGI overload like most films of this genre. the only mildly interesting movies were Annihilation & Downsizing. The rest all look like bunk!

  3. Stephen Clark

    Why am I not in the least bit excited for any of these movies? I feel like humanity is reaching a state of intellectual stagnancy. Any of these movies could've came out in the 80s…

  4. royzen2

    Not surprised that "Ready player one'' made it this far. If you're a gamer and haven't read the book. At least watch the movie. I hope it does justice to the book.

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