1. ShesThe1yup

    I love Angelina always have but this just puts her on a whole other level for me, the biggest thing I love about Angelina is her heart her compassion and humanitarianism to be honest it's the kind of things I would also be doing if I could travel and do such things, tho I do DO whatever I can from my part of the world and capacity. We need ALOT more people who care the way she does because people like that are the worlds only hope for survival, too many people are becoming NUMB to the horrors of the world and as a result some of those people then do horrific things also. We need to realize it is ALL of our responsibilities and the more people who receive love the more they can give back and help everyone. 😀

  2. Akansh Sandilya

    will defitely win some internations Award but will fail to make Money At the box office , Sorry Angi But you seriously need to Look for a Script in which You play a Role of a Bold/ Caring Mother , As you are , It will re establish You.

  3. FishingForTruth 828

    Oh Angelina. How about worry about the country that gives you all your fame for once!! America has been turning into a third world country for years. But you don't see Angelina caring about that. She loves getting all her fame and fortune from America, but doesn't care one bit as she watches America fall apart.

    Fake and phony anorexic witch!!!

  4. LaR.

    Angelina's previous war dramas sucked. Hope this one's better because it's based on a memoir. She'd do better if she talked about all the horrible things America has done to the rest of the world.

  5. Sweet cheeks

    this movie was very sad… when the fight broke out in their camp and she starts screaming, i lost it and cried thru the rest of the movie. similar to this, the war in El Salvador =(

  6. Tik Toc

    watching this, i wish i could make this world a better place. a place w more compassion, respect and kindness.
    i like that she's put good effort in making this, it's not an easy thing to do, really appreciate the making and the fact that the story brings us close to life and what life is for some.

  7. latai williams

    I watched this movie and I loved it. Amazing cinematography and storyline was compelling. Anything I've read and watched about the Khumer rouge and pol pot was the movie The killing fields which I loved.

  8. Fia

    Watched this movie just a few weeks ago & had no clue Angelina was one of many people behind the making of this movie, it’s an must see one of a few movies that I didn’t watch the trailer for & loved it 😍


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